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We Show you 20Ways 
To Increase Your NETWORTH
This course is the world's easiest and most effective course in the marketplace today. Understanding and following these principles will produce amazing results in your life. 
In this course we teach you 19 different ways to earn 1 Million dollars ($1,000,000)


  • 1.  The E-BOOK - Developing The Mindset, Profile and Principles of A Boardroom Millionaire.
  • 2. The Online Course - Choose one or multiple ways to get started and increase your Net Worth earn,
  • 3. The Personal Coaching - We will hold you responsible in achieving your dreams
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This Is Exactly What You Need To Know Today!
You Can Create The Wealth Of Your Dreams. 
The e-book
One Time Payment
  • 19 Ways to Earn 1 Million - PDF
  • Ebook - PDF
  • Developing The Mindset, Profile and Principles of A Boardroom Millionaire - PDF
  • Access Private Facebook Group
The course
One Time Pyment
  • 19 Ways Video Course 
  • Bonus- The 20th Way
  • Ebook - PDF
  • Developing The Mindset, Profile and Principles of A Boardroom Millionaire - PDF
  • Access Private Facebook Group
The Coaching
Limited Spots Available
  • Mastering The 8 Basic Areas of Life 
  • Learn the 8 Types of Income
  • Learn the 8 Platforms That Moves The World
  • 32 Quadrants To Absolute Success
  • Earn More, Spend Less , and Tax Strategies
  • and much, much more
Businesses Started
Around the World
Of Experience
Our Course
20 Ways To Earn A Million Dollars
20 Ways To Earn A Million Dollars teaches anyone with 
these foundational  qualities how to increase their               
  •  A Strong Desire To Succeed
  •  A Willingness To Listen, Learn and Follow Instructions
  • A Determination To Take Action And Act In Spite Of Fear
PROCRASTINATION is The Secret Weapon Use By Human Kind To Destroy Themselves. -Apostle of Wealth
Helping You Grow Your Networth
"I WILL DO THAT LATER" are the five most DISTRUCTIVE words known to human kind. 
-Apostle of Wealth
Here are just a few reasons you should Take This Course
The 20 Ways To Earn A Million Dollars course is designed to unlock the unique greatness within you.... It will crush every limiting belief and disconnect you from disappointment, delays, denials and derailment.
You are a winner, you will achieve success but you must do Whatever It Takes. All it takes is one win to be called a winner,

If you have to, fight to reach your DREAM,
you will have to Sacrifice and Work hard for it. - Leo Messi


Develop the WHATEVER IT TAKES mindset and appreciate every moment to win in every situation.  All it takes is one win to be called a winner. One thing that separates the average from a  millionaire is their MINDSET.


One small dream can change everything, one decision can result in a big achievement. Don't be afraid to dream, no matter how silly or impossible it may sound, its your DREAM. If you want it you go after it.  


Our lives are controlled by one thing its DECISIONS. The decision we make controls us more than the conditions we meet. Its not the conditions that control our direction, its our DECISIONS.
There is only one thing that separate the Mediocre and the Great it is the Decisions they make.   

Extraordinary Life

You are in business ALREADY, whether you like it or know it.
 You're constantly selling or being sold however the real challenge is are you giving out more money than you receive? 
The Extraordinary Life is about change in your business  and change in your life. Its about Mastering the Art of Achievement and Mastering the Art of Fulfillment.
Need A Solution?
The world can’t benefit from your gifts if you don’t tell them what they are. Get out there & get known.
To see a change you need to become a living breathing asset to everyone you know and a true advocate to everything you believe in.
Our Services
Additional Tools To Help You Accelerate Your Growth 
Personal Credit and Funding
Learn how to increase personal credit and have access to multiple funding sources.

Business Credit and Funding
1. We have over 25 Vendors who Approve Brand New Startup Businesses 
2. Every Business gets access to a minimum of 50K in Business Credit & Funding Guaranteed
3. Access to our Certified Business Credit Coaches & Licensed Funding
Boardroom Coaching
Our boardroom Coaches are Peak Performers in Business and Life: and teaches how to master The 8 Basic Areas of Life: Personal Growth, Career Development, Financial Growth, Relationship, Free Time, Leadership, Health and Giving Back.
Boardroom Consulting
Our Boardroom Consultants are professional Peak Performance Coaches that train your team in any area of business with a customized curriculum for your organization. 

This Is Exactly What You Need Today
75 Strategic Coaches
45 Global Strategies
19+ Ways to Earn $1 Million
1500 successful projects
What people are saying about us

“24 months ago my net worth was about $80,000, but I was $45,000 in bad debt on line of credit and credit cards. After going through the Boardroom Millionaire course and your private coaching , I developed a new way of thinking and today I have absolutely no debt and my net worth is $225,000 and growing quickly.”

Rick Smith
925rehab Llc.

After my husband and I took your course our lives forever changed. It was one of the most important steps in an amazing personal journey, that lead us to our amazing life. We are now more than financially abundant and enjoying personal and business growth. Thank you so much.

Rihanna Sue
 14320 West Side Blvd
      Laurel, MD 20707
  Email: info@boardroommillionaire.com
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